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Our Lady of Perpetual Help Council # 3515   Woodstock Ontario


Grand Knights message

The year has started and I am humbled to be your Grand Knight again. We have a very strong executive and I look forward to all the wisdom they bring to the table. We also boast a membership of over 180 fine gentlemen and I welcome any suggestions they might have. This is OUR COUNCIL and together we can achieve many things.

Although fundraising is a part of what we do to give back to our community, we are also involved in many behind the scene events, whether it’s setting up for the Christmas pageant, cooking for the Church Picnic, leading in prayer during Lent or ushering during Christmas and Easter, the list goes on. You may not have extra time to give on a regular basis but I encourage you to help when you can, even if it’s for 15 minutes after mass to help promote upcoming activities.

Our council has achieved many great things in the past and I look forward to contributing to make our council perform at its fullest potential.

In Christ



Deputy Grand Knights Message - 2019/2020

Fellow Brother Knights

Another fraternal year is underway, and the council is growing with several new members and transfers.  Last year was an exciting time in our council with many new successful events that allowed us to not only continue our charitable giving in our community, but for the 2019/2020 fraternal year, we have been able to add several new charities that we will be donating to.  Not only do these events raise funds for our donations but these events continue to bring the Holy Trinity Parish community together for fellowship and entertainment.

For these events to happen, we need all members to stand shoulder to shoulder with his Brother Knights and give a little of themselves.  An hour of your time goes a long way to make our many functions a success.

There was a time when we all sat in church and wondered what the Knights of Columbus were about.  At some point you were asked to join the Fraternity and you were given the opportunity to strengthen your parish, give back to your community, grow in your faith and gain exclusive access to our portfolio of top-quality insurance products to financially protect your family.  You should always remember to invite others to have the same opportunities that you did, whether they are friends, strangers or family members, many just want to be asked to join. 

So help them take the first step to Knighthood and ask them.

Vita Jesus

Brian Larocque, Deputy Grand Knight

The Chaplains Message

The season of Advent has been celebrated in the Church since the fourth century.   The Church adopted this word from the Latin word Adventus, used in ancient times to describe the arrival or presence of a king who had come to visit parts of his kingdom.

At the beginning of this joyful season of Advent, we set out on a journey of spiritual preparation, not only for Christmas but also for the second coming of the Lord at the end of time. Be watchful and ready: you know not when the Son of Man is coming(Matt 24). Jesus says that on that day or hour nobody knows, neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son, no one but the Father. He exhorts his disciples to be like the doorkeeper in the parable who awaits the return of the master of the house awake and vigilant at evening, midnight, cockcrow, dawn.

As Christians we have the gift of faith; and this enables us to see beyond this world. Let us renew our faith this Advent season so that our eyes may see and our ears may hear the wondrous truth that we are born for immortality. In the seasons light and shade, words and music, holly and Ivy, candles and wreaths of greenery, may we see and hear the joyful proclamation of the coming of our Redeemer. Let us be ready to meet him so that, whatever our weaknesses, strengths, hopes, fears, joys, or disappointments, when at last our Redeemer comes to us, our eyes shall be fully opened and we shall recognize the ONE who loved us from all eternity.

Fr. Dariusz.

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Pierre Pinsonneault

Grand Knight

Brian Larocque

Deputy Grand Knight

Chris Schadenberg

Financial Secretary

John Warden


Joe Goncz


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Joe Kaplar

Inside Guard

Terry Runstedler

Outside Guard

Jim Watling

1st Year Trustee

Jose Cabral

2nd Year Trustee

Peter Van Boekel

3rd Year Trustee

Fr. Dariusz Jagodzinski


Ken Van Dyk

Past Grand Knight